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Department of Aging and Community Living

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Participate in Senior Technology Courses

Participate in a variety of senior-friendly technology and smart device web courses at the links below:


Learn to Use Twitter on your iPad – DC Library – Click Here

Continuing Education opportunities – Byte Back – Click here

How to Save Important Documents – VETS Group – Click Here

Electronic Books (eBooks) on iPad – DC Library – Click Here

Preparing your home for Aging in Place – VETS Group – Click Here

DC Services Available on your iPad – Byte Back – Click Here

Learn to Use Facebook in your ipad – DC Library – Click Here

Tele-Health – Byte Back – Click Here

Learn to Host a Zoom Call – DC Library – Click Here

Protect Against On-Line Threats – Byte Back – Click Here

Learn to Avoid Medicare Fraud – VETS Group – Click Here

Estate Planning – VETS Group – Click Here

Explore your Genealogy and Family Tree – DC Library – Click Here

Learn to Identify Holiday Cyber Crime – Cyber Seniors – Click Here

Learn How to Use On-Line Banking – Byte Back – Click Here

Travel Tuesday - Kenya and the Maasai – WildTech – Click Here

Save your Old Pictures & Videos On-Line – DC Library – Click Here

Senior Services from Home Care Partners – VETS Group – Click Here

World Travel Adventures from a Senior – Cyber Seniors – Click Here

Learn how to Register to Vote On-Line – Byte Back – Click Here

Cyber Security and Threats from Hackers – Cyber Seniors – Click Here

Free/Low Cost Legal Services for Seniors – VETS Group – Click Here

iPad Features for poor eyesight & hearing – DC Library – Click Here

On-Line Resources from your DC Library – DC Library – Click Here

The Washington Home- Food Insecurity -Wild Tech-  - Click Here

Nutritional Education: Food Allergy, Sensitivity, or Intolerance Why Does It Matter? -Wild Tech-  Click Here

Tech Fridays ! - How to create your own Zoom Account -Wild Tech- Click Here

WildTech presents A Conversation on The DACL Resources Guide! -Wild Tech- Click Here